The G&G Belt Factory specializes in the production of unisex handcrafted belts for the B2B market.

We have always respected the customer's wishes and embellished it with ideas and advice specially designed to make each of your collections a real success.

The expertise that distinguishes us on the market of interest allows us to select the best leather and to marry artisan quality with the most advanced processing techniques.

Production of handmade women's belts

With rhinestones, rivets and important buckles, the handcrafted women's belts produced by G&G will be able to encircle every curved female, embellishing the outfit of the moment and completing it with irresistibly trendy details.

We have always followed the evolution of the market by expanding the range of services offered and making each new must have a distinctive icon of your brand.

G&G belt factory: choose our production of unisex handcrafted belts, success is guaranteed.

Production of handmade men's belts

Made of cow leather, calfskin or pony, the handcrafted men's belts produced by the G&G Cinturificio will be the best expression of your brand.

Our products are born to make a real difference on the market; they are defined in style with studs and particular accessories and are colored with accentuated vintage shades to make each belt a unique and unrepeatable product.




Quality materials

The hands of our company at the service of the realization of products for your company: the winning B2B!

Among those most in vogue, the production of customized belts with rivets and studs is the one that is currently the most popular. The robustness of the leather is embellished with an irresistible and shining detail, giving life to a production of unisex handcrafted belts with an unrepeatable effect. Thanks to the innovative processing techniques we are able to ensure a quick delivery of the order and the skilful production of handcrafted belts for men and women of the highest quality. The perfect internal management of orders allows us to operate in a combined, rapid and precise way, ensuring the customer a prompt service and painstaking precision in defining the finishes. Different in height and type but identical in quality, our handcrafted belts take shape under our hands, responding to customer expectations and taking into account the needs expressed by the relevant market.
Each of our collections is embellished with particular details that mark the fashion of the moment and ensure the customer the full correspondence between its production and market demand. Like two profiles of the same face, technology and artisan tradition coexist in our brand and are combined in a symbiotic way giving life to an innovative and professional service. G&G belt factory: trust our brand to make your production of customized belts with rivets, studs and other accessories unique. We will be able to enhance the quality of your brand, selecting the most innovative materials and leathers and completing the products with trendy items and modern processing techniques. G&G belt factory: your new collection is in good hands!